Image of Bookish Location Candle Tin - Peeta's Bakery.

Bookish Location Candle Tin - Peeta's Bakery.

£3.00 – £9.00
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  • 8oz candle tin - £9.00
  • 4oz candle tin - £6.00
  • 2oz starter candle tin - £3.00
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'To this day I can never shake the connection between this boy Peeta Mellark and the breads that gave me hope.' (Suzanne Collins)

Peeta's Bakery and it's going to be a permanent addition to the shop for us. I love love love this scent and it's slightly different from your normal cake related smell which I love!! With notes of warm ginger, vanilla and quince this is a gorgeous addition to our hunger games candles.

Peeta's bakery will come in 8oz tins 4oz tins and super cute 2oz starter candle tin and also has all our usual cute touches, the 8oz tins have gorgeous wooden wicks.