Image of Those word candle range - sassenach (Outlander) Image of Those word candle range - sassenach (Outlander)

Those word candle range - sassenach (Outlander)

£3.00 – £10.50

Introducing our first those words candle to our little shop and it's also our first Outlander candle and I'm so happy with it, it's called sassenach of course.

When Jamie first explains what sassenach means to Claire it becomes such an important part of the book, so we needed to create this candle in honour.

Smelling like scotch mist, highland hills and forever and has a floral herbal scent and we have ombré the wax on our those words candles, Sassenach goes from dark rose to a roses white.

Coming with a Scottish thistle in the artwork our sassenach candle comes in 4 sizes an 11oz wooden wick candle jar a 7oz standard jar a 4oz best seller candle jar and a 2oz mini starter candle tin and as usual has our cute signs touches.